Sturdy aluminium, precision, laser-cut chassis. Fully point to point hand-wired circuitry. No turret boards

was a co founder of SAI dealing mainly in production, design and manufacturing.

His interest in electronics stemmed from his schooldays when he would make radio transmitters and receivers. He made his first valve amplifier while still at school.

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Started in 1965 SAI grew to become one of the main players in British music until they closed in 1980
Mick Atherton
John Bailey
John Bailey
"My guitar has never sounded this good"
SAI valve amplifiers are hand wired through out. The don'y use turret board construction and so are quieter in use than mass manufactured products. They are loud and available in 30 watt, 20 watt and 5 watt versions. They are made in England and emulate the true Brit Sound favoured by groups of the 1960's such as the Beatles, The Shadows, The Rolling Stones etc. They give the true British Crunch but are clean when needed. These are high quality boutique amplifiers baseed on VOX AC30 circuitry They are being used by eminent guitarists such as John Bailey, guitarist with singer, Russell Watson and the John Bailey Quartet. the sound they give ranges from crystal cleans to the traditional British crunch. We've tried to contact Eric Clapton and Jimmy page but they were out at the time. The 30 watt uses three preamp valves (3 x ECC83/12AX7) and a matched quad of EL84s. We use and recommend these JJ valves for quality of sound, guaranteeing that famous 60's chime. Look out for Keith Hubbard using the SAI KH30 on all his gigs around the north west. The great sound emanating from the 12 inch Celestion Creamback speaker is tremendous. Keith Hubbard often plays at the Standish Unity Club on the regular Lankykats gigs. John bailey plays Godin Guitars. These guitars are craftsman built in Canada. The SAI Valve Amplifiers are superb for John's classical jazzy style and have been tested and recommended on Roland Lumby, the amp clinic, Manchester. Roland highly praised both the sound and the looks of the new range of SAI valve amplifiers.
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Mick Atherton
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SAI 30w
SAI 5w Blues Menace
John Bailey, of the John Bailey Quintet, and guitarist with singer, Russell Watson, recently tried the SAI range. He was totally blown away. " My guitar has never sounded this good." He then asked if he could take one on his up-coming tour with Russell.
SAI Memory Lane

The new SAI range was designed by professional Designer, Jeff Warwick; multi-instrumentalist, old customer of SAI and MA Amplification. A good mate of Mick's for nearly 40 years.

"Everything I ever bought, amp and sound wise, came from Mick. You could always depend on and trust Mick."

Jeff Warwick
Jeff Warwick