SAI started in 1965 and, like the 'Curse of the Mummy' they've had 9 tanna leaves and are once again upright and walking...

"I've owned and played through all the classic amps such as AC30's, Fenders, Marshalls etc. These new SAI's blow them all away!"
Keith Hubbard
Keith Hubbard

shares a long history with SAI going back to the 1960's. Pictured above in a 1971 ad from Sounds Instrumental, playing the 1959 Fender Strat he bought from SAI in 1969 for the princely sum of £30!

Keith was the first person we thought of when we needed the new amps tested 'on the road'.

Experience and knowledge like Keith's can't be bought so who better to test these vintage styled valve amps?


30 SAI proto
SAI cabinet
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